AngelRoyce Wealth Preserve

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Working together with local tax, legal & health-care professionals,  AngelRoyce provides comprehensive services for retirees, including:

  • Income maximization - maximizing income for retirees by reducing unnecessary taxes on Social Security income & other assets, budgeting for scheduled raises to keep pace with inflation, as well as setting up personal pension plans with lifetime income.
  • Social Security planning - increasing Social Security benefits by up to 120% while lowering taxes on total income by up to 67% through effective filing strategies. 

  • Cash flow analysis - evaluating current & future monthly expenses, and positioning various income sources in order to most effectively meet your needs for essential & discretionary expenses over the entire length of your retirement.
  • Wealth preservation - through low-risk savings & investment options for the older conservative investor who is either retired or approaching retirement
  • Estate preservation - advice on bypassing unnecessary costs & time delays to your heirs typically incurred through the probate process, elimination of unnecessary inheritance taxes, stretching IRA tax-benefits over several generations; as well as strategies for creating more income for yourself by gifting to your favorite charities. 

* Neither AngelRoyce Wealth Preserve or AngelRoyce Wealth Advisors, LLC render tax, legal or accounting advice.


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